Sunday, October 5, 2014

Megan and Luke

Megan had such a clear vision for her wedding. 
This is such a blessing for a florist. 
The words she used to describe what she envisioned her wedding to be were... 

Low Key

Her colors were midnight blue, gray and taupe/cream.  

When I was putting her bouquet together, my vision was blurred by my own tears.  
She included her grandmother's pearls and on the handle there was a small bunch of white feathers 
and a small charm.  The family business involves turkeys which I can only assume is why the white feathers were included and the charm..... I can only guess.  
I love that she was so thoughtful in her decisions. 

Eucalyptus garlands were hung from candelabras at the church.
The smell was incredible.....


Tanya Kay Photography took these beautiful photographs!!!

Congratulations you two!
It was a pleasure working with you...