Saturday, March 15, 2014


Last weekend I was fortunate to have spent my time at Koehler and Dramm Wholesale Florist in Minneapolis at a design show called From This Day Forward - The Newest Wedding Trends and How to Sell them.  Sharon McGukin, AIFD, AAF, PFCI was the featured designer.
She shared with us four wedding trends and I will share the first of these in this post.  It is referred to as Boho-Pop.  The colors are that of the 90's Bohemian/Pop Art craze revisited.
  This style reflects big pops of bright colors against a neutral setting.

Floral ingredients may contain... Pincushion Protea, King Protea, Peonies,
Tulips, Freesia, Daffodils,Acacia, Gloriosa Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, Gerbera,
Oncidium Orchids, Succulents, Wheatgrass, Xanadu and Monstera
Other elements at the wedding may include... fringe, tassels, woven accents,
DIY, pop art graphics & geometrics.  This would be a super social event using wedding hashtags. 
Comic book themes - decor, photo booths etc...

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  1. I love your blog! I am looking forward to reading MANY, MANY more posts to come and seeing your amazing work posted!!!