Saturday, February 25, 2017

Studio Choo!

Bless you!

I wanted to share with you this wildly talented duo as I think you will enjoy their work just as much as I do.  They began in their kitchen and garage in the San Francisco area. Alethea continues to work from the Bay area and Jill has relocated to Newport, Rhode Island.
They are now known as Studio Choo East & West.

Studio Choo is the floral methodology of two best friends, Alethea Harampolis and Jill Rizzo, who share a love for things natural and wild.

I search for this type of stimulation and inspiration high and low.
It makes my heart happy!

This little touch of "Love" is so sweet and unique!
These little touches make the piece memorable...

Just hanging around, making your home a home.

Staying inspired is a beautiful, lifelong journey!

It's what makes life so rich.
For more inspiration, page through their BEAUTIFUL books.

The arrangements in it run the gamut of styles and techniques: some are wild and some are structured; some are time-intensive and some are astonishingly simple. Ingredient lists specify the type and quantity of blooms needed; clear instructions detail each step; and 400 photos show how to place every stem. Readers will learn how to work with a single variety of flower to great effect, and to create vases overflowing with layered blooms. The book is packed with ideas for unexpected vessels, seasonal buying guides, a flower care primer, and fun design techniques you need to know.

Happy reading!

Stay inspired!

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